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The quick fix solution provider is today known as a makeup artist. Everyone wants to look beautiful especially during weddings, functions, special appearances, as a bride and fashion modeling. This professional give layers of makeup to make a person stand out from the rest of the crowd during functions.And understand makeup as an art of enhancing one’s features rather than just choice of colors. Her style in Make-up artistry & Hairstyling is very modern and contemporary. When she looks at a face, she notice bare features and what she can do to enhance them and make them look prettier. Colors infact is the fun part of it which we all love.

She has an experience with all types of skins, styles and ages that will ensure the quality of her work for any kind of occasions like wedding, party, meeting, shooting etc. As a makeup artist she ensures that you look and feel fabulous for your special occasion. She provides a wide range of services so why not peruse the list of services and treat yourself with more enhancements.

Although Prerna excels in all kinds of looks and makeup her primary passion remains Bridal and Occasion makeup. Her brides display a class of their own and differ from run of the mill ones. She believes in bringing out the inherent beauty in you rather than create a fake plastic look. Although Prerna has come a long way from initial passion, the original driving force that led her into the beauty industry still remains as it was. She still finds the most satisfaction when a client feels beautiful.

Why Choose Us

Inztyla luxurious interior and state of the art facilities slow down the fatigue during make-up. This is unparalleled place for salon where you get exclusive services and relaxation beyond your imagination. With cutting-edge techniques and utmost care we cater to the personalized needs of the customers. We invite you to come and rejuvenate and revitalize your skin tone and hair at our outlets.


          Inztyla Makeup Studio & Unisex SalonInztyla Makeup Studio & Unisex Salon
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